• OXYDE has a proud century-long record of industry success made possible by on our in-depth knowledge of the industry and complete dedication to customer satisfaction. Ninety percent of our transactions are repeat business which is proof of our customer satisfaction.
  • Our managers and traders offer an average of 25 years of experience each within the industry. Many of them hold higher degrees in engineering and business administration.
  • We have an industry-wide reputation for outstanding employee development and retention. This has helped us achieve unrivaled mastery of rapidly changing markets.
  • We can quickly connect suppliers to customers because of our unsurpassed market intelligence and detailed knowledge of each customer’s needs. We carefully monitor current supplier-side product availability, including important outlying variables like projected plant production disruptions.
  • We have numerous owned offices aboard, plus multiple agents, who offer reliable, comprehensive information about current and future demand in their regional markets. They have secured long-term customers based on their demonstrated ability to source new supplies.


  • Our highly experienced logistics staff allows us to add value at every step of the supply chain. We deliver products on time, on spec, and where customers need them.
  • OXYDE’s mastery of logistics is based on our in-depth knowledge of the industry, including transport, import and export related rules and regulations and a superior ability to put the pieces together.
  • We are one of the few companies that has created a strong, inclusive international infrastructure to handle the transport of petrochemical products.
  • We have established logistics to remote locations where even big suppliers have limited or no resources.
  • We have well-established, long-term relationships with all types of transport companies. We are able to ship via vessel, barge, railcar, truck, iso tanks and drums.

Finding the Best Financial Solution

  • Sometimes the local/regional monetary policies and banking rules prohibit a buyer to finance his purchases. That is where we come in. After a thorough financial and risk analysis we can provide financing for financially strong buyers.
  • Oxyde’s strong balance sheet and collateralized short term financing allow us to pay our suppliers on time and provide trade finance to our customers.
  • We often manage to finance deals that the customers weren’t able to achieve on their own. We look for the best financial structure for each transaction, taking into account the needs of the buyer.
  • Oxyde’s rigorous approach to risk management enable us to operate in the most volatile markets. Our long history of doing business speaks of the prudent way we handle credit and price risk in our trades.


  • OXYDE’s culture has evolved with markets locally, regionally and globally. The result is an ever-expanding ability to provide products everywhere in the world.
  • We guarantee real-time transactions at competitive prices, providing accurate, up-to-the-minute solutions.
  • We excel at creating chemical product distribution channels for organizations of all sizes.
  • We can quickly connect suppliers to customers because of our in-depth global market knowledge and reach an understanding of each customer’s needs and current supplier-side product availability.
  • We carefully monitor all aspects of current supply/demand to give us an accurate idea of where the market is going–factoring in variables like plant production disruptions or new added capacities.
  • Even when supplies are tight, OXYDE can get you the product you need, when you need it. We can promise this because of our deep supply side capabilities, reinforced by our large purchasing power and vast storage capacity.
  • We achieve competitive pricing by leveraging volume purchases and continually researching the markets at all levels. We always aim to provide best value to our supply side partners for their product. At the same time we provide good value and service to our customers.
  • We stay focused on developing new and better ways to make our partners successful, with our regional experts firmly committed to understanding each client’s changing business requirements.
  • We believe we are the ideal choice for organizations in the new fracking-based petrochemical industry requiring supply chain support.
  • We gladly take on the challenge of finding even the most difficult grade or the most unusual quantity for our customers, including meeting the most exacting packing requirements.
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