Uncompromising Business Ethics

  • Integrity is our number one value. Oxyde will be a reliable trading partner and will perform even in the toughest times.
  • OXYDE has thrived because of our uncompromising work ethic and disciplined way of doing business.
  • We are a diplomatic, high-integrity business partner, always vigilant in protecting our partners’ intellectual property, brand names, trademarks and all proprietary information.
  • We comply with all national and international laws and adhere to all established industry practices.
  • Our consistent long-term business approach makes us a clear choice compared with companies who transact quick opportunistic spot deal with uncertain product destinations.

Professional Excellence

  • OXYDE is dedicated to building trusting, collaborative relationships with our suppliers, customers, as well as governments and other private sector companies.
  • We get to know our clients on a personal level, working faithfully to fulfill their needs and expectations.
  • We are a proven, dependable conduit for helping our Partners, with boots on the ground in all major regions of the globe.
  • Our employees are technically skilled and business savvy, and well-educated; many with engineering degrees and MBAs.
  • Our international traders have secured long-standing customers based on their demonstrated ability to source new supplies.
  • We have an industry-wide reputation for outstanding employee development and retention.

Contributing to a Sustainable Future

  • OXYDE is a good citizen of the planet. We believe this is both right and necessary for doing business in a world that depends on corporate responsibility.
  • We contribute to the efforts of all of our stakeholders in safeguarding our planet.
  • We aim to meet the highest standards of product safety and quality.
  • We respect human rights and work consistently to create safe, healthy workspaces– consistently fighting against social afflictions like child labor.
  • We work closely with our customers and suppliers to find new ways to reduce carbon emissions and ensure healthy air and water.
  • We follow the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact for developing technologies that reduce and recycle waste.
  • We support the international medical corps, youth education and sports participation agencies, as well as many other social outreach programs.
  • Our solidarity and social responsibility engages us to provide relief to assist victims of natural disasters (hurricane, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.) or hunger and extreme poverty, especially in the countries where we operate.

Core Values

  • OXYDE is dedicated to developing long- term partner relationships by providing high product quality, sustainability, and stewardship.
  • We treat people everywhere with respect and dignity. Above all, we value the unique talents and diverse cultures of all people we deal with and learn from the individuals with whom we work.
  • We foster respectful relationships that consistently emphasize the “human” as well as the technical.
  • We aim for continuous improvement in all aspects of the business, giving priority to those areas that hold promise for breakthroughs to new levels of excellence.
  • We carefully attend to our customers’ changing requirements and continually strive to supply products and services that fully meet them.
  • We deliver excellent performance while at the same time working safely to protect the environment and our assets.
  • We advocate for best practices that improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions, discharges, waste and consumption of natural resources.
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